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additional 10% off All MATTRESS Prices until May 31st

additional 10% off All MATTRESS Prices until May 31st additional 10% off All MATTRESS Prices until May 31st

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Engineered Fabric and Foam-Encased Individual Coil System

SNUGGLYREST BEDS - "The Best Kept Secret in the South Florida Mattress Market"

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About "SnugglyRest"

  •      "SnugglyRest Beds" offers the, one-and-only, "SnugglyRest" brand of  high quality bed mattresses to South Florida and Northeastern New Jersey businesses and general public. Our "SnuggglyRest" mattress collection includes a full range of high quality standard Tight-Top and Euro-Top styles containing varying degrees of comfort and support levels. The collection begins with our lowest-priced budget tight-top mattress called the "SnugglyRest Hybrid SRS700 Series Promo Collection". Don't let the word budget fool you since this collection offers above average support, comfort, and workmanship (featuring up to 700-plus coils) when compared to the average economy mattresses sold by competitors. This mattress collection, as well as our other collections, feature individually wrapped, or, fabric-encased coils, which are extremely durable and will last for years. The coils do not wear down over time making them a great support system for your body. Overall, these types of coils offer superior comfort and pressure relief when compared to traditional bonnel coil and verticoil systems sold by competitors. Because of this our mattress collections are of a higher quality than other lower-priced mattresses in the marketplace. 
  •       For customers seeking to experience a higher level of comfort and support we offer the premium quality "SnugglyRest Hybrid SRS800 Series Elite Collection", in both a standard Tight-Top and Euro-Top (E.T.) version. Both styles of SnugglyRest Elite Collection mattresses are built to offer the highest mattress comfort and support available at an affordable price range. Finally, at the higher end of the average mattress price spectrum, "SnugglyRest Beds" offers the "SnugglyRest Hybrid Black SRS900 Series Radiant AirGel Collection". This particular collection features superior comfort, support, style, and design that rivals those of top mattress manufacturers in the industry. Our SnugglyRest Hybrid Black SRS900 Series AirGel mattress is one of the best all around values in the country for a 900-plus fabric-encased coil series mattress. It is comparable to competitors' mattresses that typically sell in the $2000-plus price range. "SnugglyRest" mattresses are, without a doubt, one of the best dollar-per-dollar values in the USA.                                
  •      The company originated from the desire of a humble and hard-working entrepreneur to manufacture and distribute a full spectrum of high quality mattresses that would be very affordable, yet, surpass the status-quo quality offered by other mattress manufacturers in the marketplace. After gaining more than 30 years of experience working with top mattress manufacturers in the USA, and strategically hiring some of the best mattress craftsmen that he knew, the base was established for the formation of  "SnugglyRest Beds", where the supreme workmanship that is inherent in the "SnugglyRest" brand comes to life. 


Business-To-Business Dealer Opportunity

  •     "SnugglyRest Beds" offers an exclusive collection of mattresses that include the following:  our lowest-priced tight-top "SnugglyRest Hybrid SRS700 Series Promo Collection", our higher quality"SnugglyRest  Hybrid SRS800 Series Elite Collection" ( in  either a Tight-Top or Euro-Top version), and our premium quality tight-top, the "SnugglyRest Hybrid SRS900 Series AirGel Collection
  •      Business Advantage - If you own a mattress store and are interested in adding a very affordable line of high quality mattresses, with great potential of increasing sales, profits, and your bottom line, please give us a call. We will schedule an appointment and show you our mattress quality first-hand. We encourage you to try our "SnugglyRest" mattresses to experience what we already know to be true......that our mattresses are one of the best values in the industry. We hope that your business will see the added-value that our "SnugglyRest" brand will bring to your mattress store and look forward to a lasting partnership. 
  •      "SnugglyRest" mattress collections are available at huge wholesale discounts to mattress resellers, furniture stores, the hospitality industry, and other mattress related businesses. Note: Prices shown on this website  illustrate the wholesale internet selling prices to consumers purchasing on-line. If your business is interested in purchasing SnugglyRest mattresses at huge discounts, then please fill out the contact form on this website and call us at 877-219-0389. See the "SHOP NOW" section for additional products and packages.  Be the first in your area to offer "SnugglyRest" brand mattresses and see your profits go up!...up!...up!   

SnugglyRest mattresses are fabric-encased coil mattress. What this means is that the individual coil

SnugglyRest Fabric-Encased Coil Mattresses

"SnugglyRest  Beds" offers a variety  of premium USA-made, fabric-encased coil mattresses. They should not be confused with lower quality adjoining-innerspring mattresses commonly sold in the marketplace. What are fabric-encased coils? They are individual coils inside of all SnugglyRest mattresses that are not connected to each other. Each individual coil inside of the mattress is independently wrapped in a white fabric that permits each coil to lend support and work separately from all other coils inside of the mattress. The ultimate effects of this fabric-encased coil system, to name a few, are: 1.)  a better night's sleep  2.) mattress sagging prevention  3.) less disturbance to whomever is sleeping on the same mattress with you since your movement affects only coils that are positioned under your sleep zone and vice-versa and  4.) since the encased coils are evenly distributed up to the edges of the mattress, you can sit on the mattress edges without ruining the mattress coil system.

Finally, a very important benefit of fabric-encased coil mattress design is that, in conjunction with our state of the art foam layer engineering and material selection, they allow you to sleep 20 to 40% cooler than other mattress configurations.