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additional 10% off All MATTRESS Prices until May 31st

additional 10% off All MATTRESS Prices until May 31st additional 10% off All MATTRESS Prices until May 31st



Message from the Owner of SnugglyRest Beds

The owner of SnugglyRest Beds would like to show his appreciation to all senior citizens for their hard work and contributions to society. A great number of you have excelled in many things, such as, being great parents and grandparents, laboring countless amount of hours earning a decent living, and keeping food on the table, as well as, a roof-over-the-head for your families. Many of you have also been directly involved in making the world we live in a better one by your unique endeavors, or just simply, by being good role models to follow. As a token of gratitude, and to make your mattress purchase just a little more affordable during these upcoming retirement years, please accept this invitation to take advantage of our "Senior Citizen Mattress Discounts". Our SnugglyRest mattresses are of very good quality; we hope that they make your sleeping experience a restful one. Wishing you the best in health and happiness!

Additional 5% Discount for Senior Citizens (67+)

After selecting the mattress and/or foundation that you wish to purchase from our website, simply, give us a call at 877-219-0389. At that time, we will answer any questions that you may have and assist you with getting your additional 5% senior discount if you wish to proceed with the purchase (offer not available for TWIN SIZES from our PROMO COLLECTION). At the time of your call you may also schedule an appointment, if desired, in order to try out the mattress that you are considering to purchase. Please note that you are required to provide proof that you are, at least, 67 years of age in order to receive the additional 5% discount.

"Senior Citizen Mattress Discounts"

Click on the link below to go directly to our different mattress products. Remember to call us in order to get your additional 5% discount.